Mother-daughter duo provides free prom dresses to teens

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Inside one garage in Carlton County, you won’t find the usual garage items or even a car. It is the home of ‘If the Dress Fits.’ Inside, you’ll find beautiful dresses waiting on young girls to come and pick out the one that put a sparkle in their eyes. "We’ve had a lot of teens leave in tears thinking they had no idea they could find a dress this nice and be able to go to prom. That’s what makes it all worth wild for us," said Amy Arntson.

If the Dress Fit is a non-profit that offers free prom dresses ranging from sizes 0-28 to teens in financial assistance. There is no requirement to provide proof of assistance. There is a $10 cover to book an appointment to help cover the cost to help with heating the garage. Ashleigh Franz had the vision for ‘If the Dress Fits, and with the help of her mother, Amy Arntson, it was created in 2016 when Ashleigh was a senior in high school.

Being there to help out the community is something money can not buy. "We understand life happens. I mean cars break down, the furnace going out, medical bills, and college tuition for older kids. There are so many reasons why at times where families cannot afford to spend 500 to 600 hundred dollars on a prom dress, said Arntson. So, were are just very fortunate to be able to offer these amazing dresses for free.”

Having the support and ability to provide families with this opportunity is a double grateful moment, as Amy mentioned when thinking about her prom dress experience. “Hearing the stories that the parents tell it is touching. It is why we do what we do, but it also brings me back to that point in time when I was grateful that I found a dress even though it was outdated. Knowing that their daughters are getting a newer dress, it is current. It is in style! They feel good when they see themselves in the dress. That is what it is about!”

The non-profit organization has over 400 hundred dresses, ranging from sizes 0 to 28. And these dresses when you see them are gorgeous. “It is all blinged out, and looking at the style online, you see the market price, and its 700 hundred dollars,” says Arntson. You know that someone really wanted to pay this forward. That is what is absolutely amazing!"

Arntson and Franz open the dress garage during the day on Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays during the evening time for appointments. To make an appointment at If the Dress Fits, visit or