Minnesota Senators tour Duluth Water Treatment Plant

Several Minnesota Senators got a first-hand look at the Duluth’s water infrastructure Thursday morning.

Senator’s Jennifer McEwen, Ann Johnson Stewart and Scott Dibble all toured the Duluth Water Treatment Plant.

McEwen highlighted that Duluth had some of the best water in the world and that was owed to Lake Superior and infrastructure that allows for the safe transportation of water.

During the visit, an emphasis was put on the importance of investing in Duluth’s aging water infrastructure to ensure the quality of the area’s water for years to come.

“Clean water issues are very, very important,” said Senator McEwen. “There are a lot of things coming to a head right now, so whether that’s the led in our water or just our water infrastructure itself and making sure that we have that shored up, those are really, really important issues right now for our communities."