Minnesota makes its own path as the national moratorium ends tomorrow

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The national moratorium that kept tenants safe from eviction ends July 31st. The moratorium was put into place to keep tenants from being evicted during the height of the pandemic. And now it’s coming to an end leaving many residents concerned.

But for Minnesota tenants it’s a different story as the state is offering an off ramp option, and is not following the final national moratorium date.

This will prevent tenants, who are receiving help, from being evicted for not paying their bills. Unlike other states, where come July 31st eviction will be an option.

Now the Minnesota off ramp only prevents evictions if the tenants apply for rent assistance. Jill Keppers, from the Duluth Housing and Redevelopment Authority, believes that the resources in Minnesota are plentiful saying, “There really should be no reason people should be behind on their rent with all the resources we have in Minnesota. I encourage people who are behind on their rent to call 211 and get that help.”

There is also something to keep in mind as Minnesota continues on its own moratorium timeline. “If they have not applied for assistance then they will not be protected by that off ramp,” says Jill.

And again the number to call for Minnesotan rent assistance is 211.