‘Merry Kisscam’ Christmas movie filming in Duluth

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CASTING CALL: Northland Casting is looking for volunteer hockey fan extras to show up at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center Arena on Wednesday, June 8th from: 7 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. or 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. Please wear UMD Bulldog attire or colors, if you have it. Bring a jacket and a mask. Bring as many people as you can – they are trying to fill the arena.

Duluth Heritage Sports Center Arena, 120 South 30th Avenue West, Duluth, MN

Original Story:
You may have seen the crews set up around town, as a new movie is being filmed right here in Duluth! Based on our community, ‘Merry Kisscam’ is a holiday-themed movie that’s expected to be released this Christmas.

"I think people are finding it very exciting when they see all the production trucks on Superior Street. That’s that’s a lot of fun and seeing that kind of activity," shared Riki McManus, Chief Production Officer with Upper Midwest Film. "And of course, everyone’s curious and they want to see, well, what’s going on. And what’s going on is very exciting!"

"There’s such this love of this town and bringing production here. And then once we my partner, John Duffy, and I landed in April to do some location scouting. We realized how just open people were for this new landscape to come into their town," shared Mandy June Turpin, one of the Producers for ‘Merry Kisscam.’ "So really, what drew us here is the people. Everyone’s so wonderful and so open to wanting to help and the beautiful locations."

Mother Nature even has a part in this movie! The film’s crew says cooler temperatures are actually what’s allowing producing of a Christmas movie in the beginning of June.

The Catalyst Story Institute and St. Louis County were main drivers to film production up and running, and were the reason why so many producers are showing interest in filming here in the Northland.

"Production means economic activity," explained McManus. "And it’s really happening because St. Louis County took a step forward and they put together our largest regional incentive in the whole state."

"So when we passed the film incentive it was pretty clear that we were seeing it as an economic development tool, something that could really expand what was being done in St. Louis County," explained St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewell. "Things have been happening on the Range, and this is the second, I think, film that has really happened in Duluth. The impacts are notable there, whether it’s people staying in the hotels, buying from food trucks or other things. Really has a very real impact on people and businesses."

The crew is still looking for extras to be in the movie. If you are interested, send an email to Northlandcasting@gmail.com.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the movie’s premier this holiday season.