Maroon Loon Studios focused on future of television industry

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Everyone has a favorite TV show, right? Well, producing one takes a lot of talent on many levels.

Students at UMD are getting the chance to dive right in and create one from start to finish, through the new program called Maroon Loon Studios.

It’s a first of its kind partnership between UMD, Catalyst Story Institute, and the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, also known as the Daytime TV Emmys. The goal is to create a trusted pathway for UMD students to enter the television industry.

The students are seeking ideas for the show.

"What we’re trying to do is find someone who is local. So someone who was either born in Duluth, or is living here currently. We want to embody the culture that we have in Duluth," explained Cora Panno, a freshman who is one of the Communication and Press Representatives. "So we’re seeking a storyteller, who may have a script or a synopsis."

The other Press Representative, Weslie Langton, added, "It feels really exciting. It feels like I have my foot in the door for something bigger. I knew I wanted to get into production, but it’s like, where do you even start?"

This is their start. And it’s a big one. The plan is to screen the show at the upcoming Catalyst Content Festival in the fall.

Anna Tanksi, Head of Festivals and Events for Catalyst, shared more. "They are part of something new. They’ll get to play a key role in helping develop and evolve this. That’s the role of Catalyst. And we at Catalyst are bringing forward these opportunities. I’m absolutely thrilled to see that this is just the beginning."

Leaders from the industry are guest speakers each Tuesday evening. Tanski was one this week. So was Riki McManus from the Upper Midwest Film Office.

"Just feeling the enthusiasm in the room was so exciting for me," McManus said. "We need crew. Productions are coming like you can’t believe."

Timothy Egan, Chair, Strategic Planning for NATAS, added, "It used to be the industry was in L.A. or New York. Now we’re seeing the decentralization of the industry. These young people are seeing that they can work here if they want to, and do something they love."

If you have any ideas for the show, please send them to:

Here are their social media handles as well:

Instagram: @maroonloonstudios
Twitter: @MLoonStudios