Local business prepares for Small Business Saturday

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Since the start of the pandemic, some small businesses have noticed an increase in customers, especially online.

“This year actually, our website sales have grown drastically from what they were last year even, said Bailey Builds Co-Owner Nathanael Bailey. “They’ve probably even doubled what they did last year. I think people are really still shopping from home, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to find customers around the nation as well.”

To continue improving their online presence, Bailey Builds has been launching new holiday-themed items every Thursday at 7pm for the past few weeks.

“Tonight’s launch is actually pretty exciting,” said Bailey Builds Co-Owner Anna Bailey. “It’s my favorite piece that I’ve done this year. It’s a simple nativity set based on a design that I had made previously this year.”

This time last year, the Baileys were having difficulty finding lumber to make their product. They had to travel all over the state just to find supplies necessary for their business.

“When the pandemic first hit, we had some huge issues getting lumber,” said Nathanael Bailey. “Recently, our supply has been great. The nice thing is, everything that we make is made here, and nothing’s sitting out in the ocean. It’s all right here.”

Although their homemade products will be in stock, other items may be difficult finding.

“It’s harder to keep inventory in stock,” explained Anna Bailey. “We can’t order anymore for the Christmas season, so what we have here from other makers is what we can get. So if you’re shopping at other locally made stores, or just another small, local place, shop early because they can’t place another order that’s going to get here in time.”

Small Business Saturday is just over a week away, and shopping early can help make sure the products you want are in stock. Bailey Builds is hosting an event outside of their store, alongside other small businesses, on November 29th from 10am to 5pm.

“I would love to encourage people to come out and shop early,” said Anna Bailey. “If you’re not coming here for Small Business Saturday, go somewhere else in your location. There’s plenty of places that you can support and get behind this holiday season.”

“If people are able to shop local this year, or any time, it’s always amazing,” said Nathanael Bailey. “It helps your local community. It just gives people a chance to just support their neighbors and the people that they live around.”

More details about Bailey Builds’ Small Business Saturday event can be found here.