Live music returns to Duluth area venues

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The Northland is full of unique sights and sounds that keep residents and visitors alike busy.

When it comes to the Duluth area.what once was a vibrant music scene was silent for over a year due to the pandemic. Now — those sounds are back.

After a year and a half of silent seating at bars and restaurants in the area locations like Sir Ben’s in Duluth are happy to be feeling the beat during business again.

"Not having live music here really just sort of stunted our vibe quite a bit," said the owner, Josh Stotts. "Even from an employee standpoint it’s always fun when there’s people in here and they’re playing music and the employees get into it."

After 30 years of offering nightly shows to Sir Ben’s customers, those sounds were certainly missed.

In West Duluth, Wussow’s Concert Cafe, a 22 year live show staple of the community has also eagerly welcomed back performers to their space just this month.

"First thing we did is bring back open mics which is really fun. We’ve had open mics since the day we opened so we started with that right away and it felt like a reunion." said Jason Wussow, owner of the concert cafe.

Wussow, who is a long time member of the Duluth music world, says the local environment is special because it’s so unique.

"It’s a really welcoming scene. It’s not super cutthroat but there’s still a lot of talent, a lot of venues and a lot of supporting folks in the area that really do like music and come out. It seems like everyone finds a place and still gets along."

Though it was a long year and a half without feeling the rhythm in these Duluth businesses, both owners are ready to rock again.

You can visit both Sir Ben’s website or Wussow’s Concert Cafe’s website for a full list of upcoming live events.