K9 Trace has retired from the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department

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Down in Hayward Wisconsin, the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department celebrated the work of one of their best officers on the job… Trace the k9 unit! Trace has spent a total of eight years in the force.

Trace’s Mom, Deputy Amber Al-Moghrabi, set up the event for the K9 and says, “he’s a huge part of the force and he’s a community funded dog so I wanted to set something up for the community to say a final goodbye to him."

And for Trace’s handler Nick Al-Moghrabi, it’s been a blast. "It’s been a wild ride it’s been the best job in law enforcement I’ve had”, says Nick.

Trace is side by side with Nick on all assignments from drug detection and patrol to apprehension, tracking, and building clearing.

Not only has trace been a part of the team but he’s also been a part of the Al-Moghrabi family as well. Nick says, "The dogs actually live with us throughout their entire careers. So he would go home with me every night and then go to work with me every night. And then it was time for him to go to work, and it was time for business, he knew it."

The family also says due to trace’s high energy job they might have to work on easing him in to retirement. Amber says, "I think it’s going to be pretty tough for him. I think he’s going to get super bored at home. He’s already been, in the last week, pacing around in his kennel wanting to go to work."

But regardless Nick is grateful that the two came together. He says, "It’s been a great experience. A lot of opportunities I’ve had because of the dog. Things I’ve gotten to do places I’ve gotten to go. So by far the greatest job."