It’s Graduation Day for The University of Minnesota at Duluth

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The big day has arrived for students as they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. Around 2,500 students graduated with about 1,500 walking at the ceremony. "I feel great! It is wonderful to have all my family around me, it is awesome! It is a wonderful feeling to be done,” said Gora. Friday Gora will start her career as a teacher in the Minneapolis area.

As they received their diplomas, they are now opening a new chapter in their respective careers. Some graduates have jobs lined up and are eager to make their footprint in the world. "Well, right now, I am a real estate account, so I am be working with properties and stuff, says Maxwell Sandin. From there, I do not know. Just come off of that and see what I like more. I really like the job.”

As inflation is at an all-time high, doing all you can to make it is what some graduates are looking to do. Kamryn Green of Kankakee, Illinois shared that it is mainly about "Just staying afloat! Finding a job that you know gives you that flexibility and also gives you the right amount of money you need. Inflation is real, and itis like kicking butt right now. So where I am at in my job right now and getting the most hours and being about to be flexible, and you know, trying to stay afloat."

When it comes to annual income from your first big job after college, graduates are searching for a ballpark range of above 40,000 dollars. "I would kind of expect to make in between fifty to sixty thousand dollars, but it also depends on the area; if it like a high-density area, it might be higher. Maybe in Duluth, it might be lower. But yea, just around that range," said Danny Hernandez of Farmington, Minnesota.

After graduation, there can be some challenges that will come in life. “First, the challenge is I am black, and I am a woman, stated Reubena Geore, of the Minneapolis area. The second challenge is that a bachelor’s degree isn’t taken as seriously as a higher degree, so I may have to go a little higher.”

Even in the career field, there will be challenges. Saliha Tahir is ready to power through any challenges that she may face. "I’m a Black Muslim woman in America, working in business and technology; it’s already tough and as hard as it is. Learning how to work with people who don’t look like you is the toughest challenge I want to tackle as I move forward in life!"

Congratulations to The University of Minnesota at Duluth, class of not only 2022 but 2021 and 2020 that walked as well!