It’s a bright Christmas for the winners of the 2021 Christmas Lighting Challenge

The votes are in! And the 2021 Christmas lighting challenge winners are happy campers.

The community has chosen their favorite homes and businesses in 4 communities all over the area and announced the winners at Bentleyville Wednesday.

The competition received Over 2,700 votes are in and over 20,000 views of the online map.

Winners Bill and Kathy Olson are snow birds who set up their lights before thanksgiving, head to Florida and return north again to flip the switch. And were very excited to receive their award.

Bill Olson says, “We’re Christmas people. We are kind of fortunate we live on Haines road there, and we get like 10,000 cars a day.”

The couple found out they won the Christmas lighting challenge this morning at Bentleyville. And they walked away with a gift basket and plaque.

Kathy Olson says, “You feel it brings people joy, smiles. It warms you heart, hopefully get a few oohs and ahhs.”

You can still go check out all the homes, all the locations can be found on their website