Investing in a fun 4th of July

The 4th of July weekend is coming up, and people have been getting their celebration preps underway.

"This will be the first time for us, we have gone to other celebrations, but first for us, says Chis and Linsdey Miller. We are going somewhere different for the fourth this year, so we decided to bring the fireworks with us. Our neighbors where we typically go would normally put a show on."

With inflation on the rise, KG Firework owner Jason Deatherage shared that business surprisingly has not slowed down. "When it comes down to it, with the gas prices and food prices, people still want to celebrate Independence Day. So, they are still coming out and buying fireworks."

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Like many industries, supply chain issues have products just waiting to get stocked on shelves. “They are a lot of stuff that is very delayed. Stuff that is still sitting out on the water and has not even gotten into the port yet. That has not even been inspected and has not gone on the rail yard yet. So, there is some stuff that is not going to get here before the fourth of July."

Deatherage and his team do their best to provide their customers with as much information on fireworks. Everything from cost, different sizes and strength of fireworks, and much more.

"Educating our customers on ocean freight is one of the biggest costs when it comes to fireworks. So, it comes down to how they are packed. The more densely packaged the items are, the cheaper the cost, says Deatherage. So, we say okay. These big items are going to be more expensive because of the shipping. So, we kind of guide them to the items that are going to be more particular for the cost."