Home for the Holidays: Cloquet man recovers from COVID-19

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Battling the most severe effects of COVID is extremely challenging but one Cloquet man has beaten Covid after being in the hospital for nearly a month.

69-year-old Steven Jarve from Cloquet was extremely happy to be out of the ICU Wednesday. The Community Memorial Hospital held a big celebration as we made his way out of his room, cheering for him in the hallway.

Steven says, "I’m just excited and overwhelmed and thankful to be well enough to leave here."

He was admitted November twelfth and has been in the ICU until December 6th which was scary for the COVID survivor. "And for the first three days I thought they were my last three days on this planet”, he says.

Due to having COPD his COVID-19 symptoms were very severe, but now he’s out of the facility just before Christmas.

Steven says, “It’s something I never dreamed would happen. I walk farther every day, I’m able to stand more, my strength is increasing, my stamina is increasing, and my outlook on life is increasing."

The nurses that worked with Steven were amazed at how well he was able to recover. Steven says it’s all due to their hard work.

Jarve says, “They are a major reason why I am leaving now, they are so supportive so helpful and dedicated. I can’t say enough good about them."

For right now Steven is off to a nursing home for physical therapy but is happy to make it this far in a journey that he thought would come to an end. "This has been a long stay, it’s been a tough journey and the future is just bright as can be”, he says.

Right before he left Steven wished the nurses a happy birthday and made a joke. He said, "What I’m looking forward to is my own bed."