Gun permits have increased in recent years

Over the past several years, gun permits have increased. According to a study conducted by The Crime Prevention Research Center, permits surged to 21.5 million in 2020, during the pandemic. It was an increase of 10.5 percent from the same time in 2019.
Women and minorities make up a significant percentage of the increase in gun permits.

In an article, John R. Lott Jr, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, told Fox News that increased crime and the defund the police movement have contributed to the rise in gun permits.

Dead on Arms owner and operator Chad Walsh talked about his reasoning of why permits sells have skyrocketed. “In today’s atmosphere, people are nervous and that’s why we are seeing the uptick and the firearm sell, were seeing an uptick to protect themselves, it’s the atmosphere.”

Along with the increase in permits, gun control laws have been a big topic. Like whether an individual should have be able to purchase a gun.

“There are a lot of laws that are out there, that are not enforced when it comes to gun control. Gun control doesn’t stop the criminals from getting the firearm. everybody thinks that we need more gun control, we have a lot of gun control, but we don’t have a lot of preventing the criminals from getting the firearms”, said Mr. Walsh.

If you are considering getting a permit to carry, it’s good to know that it’s valid for five years.