Grandma’s Marathon winners praise world class event put on by the city of Duluth

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The 46th Grandma’s Marathon has come and gone.A beautiful celebration of not only the full marathon winners of Dakotah Lindwurm and Dominic Ondoro, but also every runner that participated. Including all those behind the scenes that give the race in Duluth extra special meaning to all those involved.

“Knowing that I am representing my home state. I wasn’t born and raised here in Duluth, but I feel like a home town hero here. It was really awesome, and I am looking to make this a three peat next year,” said Dakotah Lindwurm.

“It means that I like the course, and I hope next time I am going to attempt to break my record,” stated Dominic Ondoro.

For both Garry Bjorklund half marathon winners of Rosie Edwards, and Daniel Kemoi this was their first time in Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon. Coming away with wins, they couldn’t say enough about the experience of being here and the overall feel the race gave off.

“It was wonderful, as we were driving out there I was just taking it all in and looking at the lake, and thinking about how pretty it was. I grew up in England and it was pretty similar scenery with all the trees and the water so I felt really at home. Then finishing right here it was fun to see the changes as you progress through the race,” added Rosie Edwards.

“You see finish line and you say ‘ya I finished’, and you are happy,” said Daniel Kemoi.

For this year’s wheeler winners of Aaron pike and Susannah Scaroni, the Grandma’s Marathon and Duluth is a comfortable course for them. Each claimed their 4th titles on Saturday, but still being able to come back to this beautiful area is something they don’t take for granted.

“This one is so special to me because I have a lot of family out here. My family is actually from Park Rapids Minnesota, which is only three hours away from here. So my parents, and grandparents come out and make a trip out of it, so it is extra special for me. All the world majors I go to are pretty awesome but this feels like a home marathon to me,” claimed Aaron Pike.

“I love having the woods on one side of you, the lake on the other side. I can just be in nature for such a large part of this course. The ambiance is what I love about Grandma’s and getting into Duluth, all the friendliness is just the perfect way to finish,” concluded Susannah Scaroni.