Governor Walz extends Minnesota’s $100 vaccine reward initiative

Minnesota has extended its $100 reward program for people who get their COVID-19 vaccinations by another week. Any Minnesotan age 12 or older who gets their first shot through Sunday an claim a $100 Visa gift card at Gov. Tim Walz announced the extension Sunday night, calling the incentive program a success.

Gov. Walz says Minnesota will extend its COVID-19 vaccination reward program through August 22nd.

"With the Delta variant pushing cases up across the country, including right here in Minnesota, we’ve entered a new phase in the battle against COVID-19. The vaccines are the way we fight back against the virus," Governor Walz said. "Get your first dose today and get $100."

According to the Governor’s office, 55,456 newly-vaccinated Minnesotans have submitted reward requests since August 4th.

Additionally, the Governor’s office reports that the state’s weekly first dose vaccination rate has increased 129% over the last month, helping the state solidify its position a national leader in vaccinations and reach its initial goal of vaccinating 70% of those 16 years of age and older.

Walz initially authorized $2.5 million in American Rescue Plan funding to start the rewards program, but at his request, the Legislative COVID-19 Response Commission approved an additional $13.8 million to ensure the program’s funding would meet demand.

Any Minnesotan who receives their first COVID-19 vaccine through August 22 can submit a request for a $100 Visa gift card at