Flight canceled! How one Duluth couple had their New Year’s Eve plans cut short

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For one Duluth couple it was a New Year’s Eve vacation cut short by winter weather last Friday.

"When we got the notification we knew we had to act fast because I figured that there’s probably a lot of other people impacted by this”, says traveler Joe Moore.

Joe and his wife were seeing their parents in Pennsylvania and on the drive down to New Jersey the got the notification that their January 1st flight to Duluth had been canceled.

So they to decided to book a flight on New Year’s Eve to make sure they’d make it back into Duluth and not be stuck in the east coast.

Moore says, "I might as well just try to get a flight before this storm so that we can guarantee that we can get home."

The flight from Philadelphia to Chicago was still intact but the flight from Chicago to Duluth was not due to a winter storm. Joe says, “I wasn’t expecting them to cancel it that early, but thankfully they did and thankfully I was able to rebook it so fast."

Joe says they rebooked their flight on the United app for the fastest result and also says that calling the customer service line would’ve taken forever.

And even though they weren’t in first class… they still had a ticket back to the Northland. "We were seated on the last two seats of the plane! We were able to get the champagne uncorked and watch the ball drop in time by the time we got home which was nice", says Joe.