First chick of 2022 hatches on the DNR EagleCam

Welcome to the world! The first chick of 2022 has hatched on the DNR EagleCam. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the DNR EagleCam captured the first look at the new chick at noon on Tuesday, March 22. There is a second egg just waiting to be hatched. The eggs were laid around February 16.

This eagle camera is sponsored by the Minnesota DNR Nongame Wildlife Program. Click to watch the EagleCam live.

The DNR says the cold and wet weather has kept the parents close to the new chick and remaining egg to keep them warm. They say the new chick can go several days without its first meal as it has been absorbing nutrients from the eggshell.

According to the EagleCam website, bald eagles will space egg laying from two-to four days and will lay up to three eggs.