Female wolf illegally killed in Voyageurs National Park

According to the Voyageurs Wolf Project, a female wolf they were tracking was illegally shot and killed recently near Voyageurs National Park. In a post on the Voyageurs Wolf Project Facebook page, the group said the wolf was the breeding female of the Tamarack Pack, and her killing "ended the Tamarack Pack as we know it." The male became a lone wolf and has been seen wandering around the study area.

In the post, the project says the female is the 4th collared wolf that has been illegally killed in the past 2 years. The Voyageurs Wolf Project uses GPS-collars to track the wolves so they can document events that would otherwise go undetected.

The group says other wolves will move into the Tamarack Pack territory soon and they will work to track the new pack.

If you have any information about the wolf’s death, call the Department of Natural Resources at 1-800-652-9093.

To learn more about the Voyageurs Wolf Project, visit https://www.facebook.com/VoyageursWolfProject/