Father of four urges others to vaccinate during COVID-19 ICU stay

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Jeremy Voss is experiencing what we’ve all been hearing about when it comes to the horrors of COVID-19, first hand.

After choosing not to get vaccinated, on October 28th, Voss felt intense breathlessness, coughing, and fatigue – what became his first signs of his fight with the virus.

Voss knew something was wrong that night and had his daughter drive him to the hospital.

By the time he got there, he says he was too weak to stand up from the chair in the Emergency room.

He was admitted to the COVID ICU unit that day and his wife Monica experienced symptoms and joined him across the hall – in the same unit – a day later.

"I should’ve taken the risk and gotten the shot so I might not have had to go through something like this," Voss told WDIO. "The most frustrating thing is my wife and I can do absolutely nothing right now. Our three teenagers are home. They’re stuck driving the cars, they’re paying the bills, they’re cooking for each other, trying to help each other do their homework. And we know we can’t be there."

Voss’ father, a 74 year old man with emphysema and COPD also contracted COVID-19 the same night as his son and daughter-in-law. He, however, was vaccinated and only spent one night in the hospital. He is now home and healthy.

Voss says his father’s doctors told him the vaccine saved him that night.

Both Jeremy and Monica Voss are still in the ICU almost a week later and say that it’s likely it will be another two weeks before they are able to go back home to their family.