Enjoying events inside and outdoors while being safe

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Concerts and events are coming back to regularly scheduled programming both inside and outdoors! Depending on where events take place, some people are not fully comfortable attending them. “I think if people are going to inside events, there aware of the risk of being inside, so personally, if it was a big inside event, I would not probably go,” says Sam Bruno.

For Lexi Bruno, who tested positive for covid after attending a homegrown event, is just like everyone else when it comes to trying to enjoy yourself during the pandemic. “I’m in the same train of thought as "You’re going to take the precautions where you can and still live your life and do what you can and keep your community in mind as much as you can and stay happy."

With outdoor events on the horizon, people will get more chances to enjoy themselves if being indoors is not for them right now! "I think that some people are ready to step out of the bubble, and I would not want to stop them from doing that, Bruno explained. I am glad that there will be more opportunities for those that do not feel comfortable going inside, that will be going to get into, "like alright, come on with us; we can all hang out again outside," where there is fresh air, and we can feel safe."

As we move forward with more gatherings, Joseph Christen shares that being mindful of people and your surroundings can go a long way. "Giving people their space if they want it. Understanding that some people might not enjoy being crowded and just giving everyone the room they need." And if or when you go into an establishment, "definitely, use the hand sanitizer that a lot of the businesses have available. If they ask you to wear your mask, wear your mask."