Early Morning Snow cleaning in Duluth

Business parking lots, sidewalks, and cars were packed with snow across the Northland on Monday morning.

Neighbors helped drivers as they got their cars sucks in parking spaces from the snow. After a few failed attempts and some extra shoveling, the driver was eventually free.

Folks were helping each other plow and shovel sideways of homes and businesses.

The owner of Ski Hut in Duluth told us he and his employees try to plan for when snowing is expected to arrive.

“We got a pretty good plan here where we all just got pretty earlier we get to work with the shovels and pushing snow. We have some really good neighbors and fellow business partners on Fourth Street. They will come to help out and more snow if they have plow trucks and stuff like Jack’s Mobil down there,” said David Neustel.

There will be snow tomorrow, so getting a head start on shoveling or plowing is the way to go