Duluth’s tourism is up, benefiting businesses this summer

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Duluth has seen an increase in tourism. The City says it’s trending 30% over budget to date. In July 2021 the City collected $6,426,315 which was $2,048,928 more than what was collected in 2020.

And businesses are getting some of the benefits from the increase this summer saw as well. Christian Benson, owner of Frost River Trading CO., says, “it’s busy customers are back! There’s no way we would’ve been able to like last year with just an airstream out front and a limited amount of inventory.”

At Frost River the summers in Duluth generate tons of sales for the company, as tourist come to Duluth on their summer vacations. “We really enjoying Lincoln Park here and the fact that it’s seen a really neat influx of customers and people just checking things out”, says Benson.

With last summer being tough for Frost River this recent rebound has made a lot of effort to get income back into their pockets. Benson says, “supply chain wise it’s been a challenge as a manufacturer making sure we’re bringing out all our canvas and leather and solid brass hardware. Things we do, but we are finding our way through it and we feel pretty fortunate.”

And now the store is seeing a new trend as they head into Labor Day Weekend that is not typically what they expect. Christian says, “Usually the state fair has some pull on everyone, and we’ve been busy all the way through. So when I say a pull I mean there seems to be a pull where there is a lull up here and I think it’s different this year. Duluth has got its place in the tourism heart and they are coming back to see us which is great.