Duluth’s Assistant Fire Chief receives the Clarence Maddy award

Monday was a big day for the Assistant Chief of the Duluth Fire Department. Assistant Chief Clint Reff was presented with the ‘Clarence Maddy Award.’ It’s the highest award that the City of Duluth hands out. Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj nominated Mr. Reff for this award.

The Maddy award is presented annually to an employee who goes above and beyond their standard job description, providing valuable services to citizens and their colleagues.

Fire Cheif Krizaj shares the bond he and Mr. Reff have that’s beyond just colleagues. "We worked our way up from firefighters to the administration. He was one of those guys that I looked at as a mentor. He helped me as we worked on the tower together. I was a brand new probationary firefighter. It’s a proud day for me to present him with the award."

Awards can be a representation of one’s character, hard work, and dedication that describe who one is. “For me, that’s where the award should go to all of them. To all those people who have given their all every day I get the easy part, they have the hard part, so it’s truly an honor that I’m grateful Chief honored me for it," says Assistant Chief Reff.

Assistant Chief Reef has been with the Duluth Fire Department for almost 26 years. He will be retiring at the end of the month.