Duluth Superior Film Festival heads to town

Duluth Superior Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

Duluth Superior Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

The 2023 Duluth Superior Film Festival has come to town and is planning to showcase documentaries and narratives by artists from around Minnesota. The festival goes until Sunday, October 8th.

This year’s festival is focused on Philip Harder who is a music video, commercial and feature film director.

The festival will also feature a special presentation of ‘Cue the Strings: A film about Low’ Thursday night at the NorShor Theatre starting at 7 p.m.

Each night will feature a different film, There will also be a Minnesota Music Videos showcase on Saturday night. The screening features work by a group of filmmakers who specialize in creating music videos. This is a one-night-only show with limited seating.

For more information about the festival, film screenings, and tickets, head to DSFilmFest.org