Duluth mayor Emily Larson weighs in on Gov. Walz’s proposed bonding bill

On Tuesday, Duluth mayor Emily Larson weighed in on Governor Tim Walz’s bonding bill proposal.

She says she was not surprised by the potential investment in northeastern Minnesota and was happy to see some projects she thinks are deserving of funding – saying it takes ample planning and specific projects to fit bond funding like the governor is suggesting.

"It has to be a project of regional significance," said the Mayor. "It can’t just be any project, it can’t just be for something that Duluth feels is important to Duluth- it has to be a project that we are trying to get ahead of that has regional significance. And often, that’s a perfect fit for infrastructure."

Larson pointed to the $12 million allotted to Spirit Mountain as a great example of a project that not only impacts the city but the region as a whole.

"Just 20% of users of Spirit Mountain are from Duluth and our area.15% are from out of state and the remaining users are from other places in Minnesota. so we have legislators across the state whose residents love this place, and we think that bodes well for our ability to get their support for a comprehensive bonding bill."

Legislators should negotiate a final bill by the end of this legislative session, meaning funds are still a few months out from being approved.