Duluth Library Foundation honors those dedicated to the library

Sunday The Duluth Library Foundation held its 5th annual Olga Walker Awards & Author Event…

The reception honored individuals who have made a difference at the library. Either with their time, hard work, or philanthropy.

Ten individuals were recognized at this year’s awards ceremony, which is named after a woman who put in the work to help the library.

Erin Kreeger, Executive Director of the Duluth Library Foundation, says, “Olga walker is a founding donor of the Duluth Library foundation.”

She explains her impact by saying, “When she passed away in the 60’s she left her entire state to the public library. It sat in a trust for about 20 years and when it became available the city, the library board decided to use that as seed money for the Duluth Library Foundation.”

The event also featured a talk back the award winning author, Angeline Boulley. Writer of the novel “Fire Keepers Daughter”.

She’s an indigenous author who continues to push for more exposure to indigenous stories.

She said during the talkback, "I was 18 before I ever read a story that featured a Native American main character. And when I did read that book it was problematic it relied on a lot of harmful stereotypes. I felt less than satisfied when I got done with it and so every child, every teen, deserves to feel seen in the pages of a book."

“Fire Keepers Daughter” will soon be adapted for a Netflix project as well.