Duluth administration: Mask decision will be made based on data

Duluth city administration says a decision on whether to reimpose a mask mandate will depend on available data.

Tuesday’s statement comes the day after two Duluth city councilors blocked an emergency mask order from taking effect. The council instead passed an ordinance stating that the mayor has the power to implement a mask mandate.

The city statement reads:

"After hundreds of emails, hours of discussion, and several complicated council procedures, last night the council had a unanimous vote of confidence for the response to date by Mayor Larson, who will continue to lead Duluth through an ongoing and persistent global pandemic. This speaks to the hard and successful work Mayor Larson and the City’s leadership team have done to gauge risk, protect workers and the community and position Duluth to withstand the ever-changing challenges of COVID-19. We will continue to evaluate available data and make a decision based on the best information available as it relates to public health and pandemic response."

Some have urged the city to implement a new mask mandate in light of rising COVID-19 case numbers as the Omicron variant spreads. Minneapolis and St. Paul recently reinstated their mask requirements.

A mask mandate, approved by the city council, was previously in place from July 2020 to May 2021.