Double the Annies! Two lead actresses are ready to take on the role in Duluth Playhouse’s Annie

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The sun will come out tomorrow as Duluth playhouse’s production of Annie comes to the NorShor Theatre November 20th. But in this production there’s not just one Annie there’s two!

You can find tickets to Duluth Playhouse’s Annie at NorShor Theatre right here.

The show casted double the amount of child actors due to the 22 shows scheduled. Duluth Playhouse normally schedules 11 performances, so to make it easier on the child actors they have alternating casts.

Director Phillip Fazio says, “It provides a lot of opportunities for local kid actors to get a chance in the spotlight."

For the two Annies, Cadence Graber and Sofia Salmela, they were actually really happy to have one another as a partner. The rehearsal had the two alternating from watching to performing but sometimes they were both on stage. For Cadence that process actually helped her. She says, “[For] me [it] was an advantage so then I could see what things we did differently and what things I could work on or what things I could do differently."

It was also fun for Sofia who says, "It’s just super fun to do it and you make your own choices and then watch the other person make other choices.”

And in the musical both girls will have to face one of Broadway’s most iconic villains, Miss Hannigan who is played by Actress Christina Stroup. She jokes saying, “I love to play a drunk woman who owns an orphanage. I mean what’s next who knows."

Stroup says the relationship between the adult and child actors is strong. “I really do love the orphans they are wonderful”, she says.

The lead role of Annie has been a joy for Cadence and Sofia to perform. For both girls they couldn’t wait to perform the show’s iconic songs. Both of them love Tomorrow and the opening number Maybe.

The show itself is a boost of energy and optimism which the whole cast is excited to bring in this day and age. Sofia says, "I think people just want to see a show that makes them happy at a time like this and it’s just like so optimistic about the future."

NorShor Theatre is requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test before seeing the show.