Despite gas prices, sales fine at Bullyan RV

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As the national average gas price gets ever closer to $5 a gallon, Bullyan RV is doing OK.

Vice President Joe Bullyan said sales were up during the pandemic with people wanting their own space and outdoor adventure. They’ve slowed since that time, but inventory has improved. So Bullyan is not too concerned about this current gas price spike.

"We’ve seen gas go up and down over the years prior," Bullyan said. "So the thing with our customers, camping’s a lifestyle. So instead of taking maybe an 800-mile trip, they’ll take a 300-mile trip and go camping. So they might not be just traveling so far from home. But they’re still going out camping."

Bullyan said there aren’t any great ways to mitigate the cost of gas when you’re driving or towing an RV.

"Some people do put a camper on a permanent site where they use it more like a cabin, then go back and forth and take their vehicle and not tow the camper," he said. "Otherwise, … hybrid SUVs and smaller trucks that get better gas mileage pulling them."

He said right now, popular RV features include solar panels and lithium batteries so that when people do head on the road, they don’t necessarily have to be tied into a campground.