Cooped Up: Farm LoLa opens Airbnbs

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Summer isn’t normally the season we feel a little cooped up. But Farm LoLa in Wrenshall is offering an opportunity to redefine the phrase.

The Locally Laid Egg Company farm just opened two Airbnbs: The Nest and The Perch.

"People want an experience," Jason Amundsen said. "They want something more than just a simple hotel."

The Nest will give that to you. From the outside, it looks like a chicken coop. But it’s only one-third for birds; the other two-thirds can house humans.

"It’s been fun. It’s been a riot," Amundsen said.

He and a couple others have built both Airbnbs themselves from scratch. The Nest is a bare-bones tiny home. It’s powered with a couple solar panels and a lithium battery. Guests bring their own bedding. But it offers an up-close "peep" at farm life.

"I think there’s a deficit for people. There’s this idea that I just go to the store, and I grab something. Well, that isn’t the case. The food has to come from someplace," Amundsen said. "And I think by actually seeing it and doing it, you get the appreciation for the amount of work it is, but more than that, how susceptible you are to Mother Nature."

When you stay, you can get as involved as you want with Locally Laid and Farm LoLa. There are options to collect eggs, take care of the birds, tend the berry fields, or just hang out and play.

Amundsen said it’s a great opportunity for people interested in farming to get a taste.

"This is an opportunity that you can say, ‘Yeah, this is for me,’ or what we call farm contraception, like, ‘Nope, I’ve had enough. I’m not going to give this a go. No thanks,’" he said.

If your style includes a little separation from the poultry, there’s The Perch.

"It’s got electricity, it’s got freezer, fridge," Amundsen said. "We have water. You can do some basic cooking in here."

It also includes a dining space, couch, and lofted bedroom with views of the 14 acres of berry plants.

"I think people are going to have a really positive experience here," Amundsen said.

The Nest costs around $60 per night, and a stay at the Perch runs around $160.

To book The Nest, click here. To book The Perch, click here.