Community gathers for Barry family Christmas vigil

Family and friends of the Duluth family killed in a murder-suicide this week gathered Sunday night for a public vigil outside their home.

47-year-old Sean Barry, 44-year-old Riana Barry, 12-year-old Shiway Barry, and 9-year-old Sadie Barry are being remembered as a family who loved Christmas and the glow of Christmas lights. So to honor them, the Barry home has been decorated and lit up.

"It was one of those nights that you never want to have, but it was still really special to be part of," shared Duluth City Councilor, Arik Forsman. "People from all corners of our city coming together to just be with each other. Nobody knows what the right thing is to say, but it just felt right to gather together and share the moment."

Members of the community are sharing some of their fondest memories with the Barry’s.

"In a big city like Duluth, it’s amazing how many connections we all have to each other. And I think all of us felt that tonight. And as horrible as this tragedy was, it really was a chance for us to come together and start healing. It’s just nice to be with each other tonight."

People were also invited to bring new children’s books to be donated in the family’s honor. The family loved reading books, and there is a "little free library" in front of their home.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page to help family members pay for funeral and travel expenses had raised more than $50,000 as of Sunday evening.