Commissioning Day in Duluth

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A day of celebrations in Duluth as hundreds of people came to see the commissioning of the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The beautiful ship that she is will become a navy command in her own right and take her place alongside other active ships of the fleet.

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar explains how this is a special moment in history. "We have never had a navy ship commissioned in Minnesota since we become a state. We have been super patient and waiting all this time and centuries, and it finally happened. It is such a beautiful ship! Great crew, great commander, everything about it was a positive today. It was great to have the mayors of Minneapolis, Saint-Paul, and Duluth all here together and Superior."

As a veteran, Democratic Govern Tim Walz expresses how this commission is like unity of coming together. "It is historic to see this modern marvel out here. This is a tool for peace, and the crew that serves on it represents the best that America has to offer."

Crew members, Startesha is appreciated for being a part of the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul. “It is amazing to build a family outside of a family. Getting together, working hard, making sure our vessel is fine to sail the ocean seas and get us home safely. “

Navy spouse, Ashley Carmichael, came from Florida to support her husband and his fellow crew members. She got a chance to go onboard and described the beauty from the inside. "I would have to say everything looks high-tech in this new digital age. It looks top of the line! It looks like it was made with a great thought process. I think its really good!”

As the commissioning drew to a close, gratitude was on display from Holmes and other crew members. "Thank you for having us! It was a pleasure! We enjoyed you all! Gratitude was always shown to all crew members for all their sacrifices. "I appreciate all that yall do, Carmichael expressed. Thank you for keeping us protected and safe here in the United States! Keep trucking because we’re out here rooting for you!”

Next up for the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul will be its homeport of Naval Station Mayport in Florida.