Chisholm family dog was taken and killed; Family wonders why

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One Chisholm family is still recovering from the loss of their dog, a German Shepherd named Ruger. They say their dog was taken from their yard and then murdered and this happened all around the thanksgiving holiday.

The German Shepherd’s owner Cristin Skaudis says, "He was in our yard, we were setting up Christmas decorations and it was about 6:30 at night. He was last seen on our ring camera and then he disappeared."

Ruger disappeared the night before Thanksgiving then the very next day the family got a call saying that Ruger had died and appeared to be hurt by someone.

The family says a Good Samaritan found the dog off of Cemetery road by a bulldozer. Skaudis says, “someone had hurt him and left him basically in the middle of nowhere, just dumped him."

The Skaudis family is still confused by why someone would do this as Ruger was well behaved.

Cristin says, “He’d been with us for seven years. He wasn’t just your typical dog, our mail lady even loved him. She would bring him treats and pet him when she dropped off our mail. He just had the best disposition the best demeanor ever."

The Skaudis family continues on trying to find answers offering a $1,500 reward for any key evidence and they also have a GoFundMe set up as well. But most importantly they are spreading a message to the community.

"I just want the community to be aware. Watch your pets, watch your children, because who knows what somebody might do. I know if they called him to their car that he went with them and I think that’s what happened”, says Cristin Skaudis.

The family says the Chisholm police have been notified and are involved.