Celebrating Mother’s Day through bonding and crafting

Love filled the Board and Brush creative studio in Duluth as mothers and grandmothers celebrated through a workshop bonding experience. For some participants it was their first time, while others have done do-it-yourself (DIY) wooden signs before. "It’s a great way to spend Mother’s day! Spend some quality time with mom and do a little bit of crafting," says the owner of Board and Brush, Kristen Sawyer.

Bonding moments like creating a piece of artwork together with your children is special for Christine Hong. "It’s fun because you get to take that thing home and hang it up in your house, and you will get to look at it and remember all of the fun you had creating that piece together."

It was all about the fun for grandmother Darcie Kilsdonk. "Oh, it’s a blast! We have had so much fun! This is my Mother’s Day gift from my daughter-in-law and son, and I am blessed to be here with three of my granddaughters, and we are having a ball!" In speaking of her granddaughters, one of them, Alivia (Ali), expressed the love she has for her mother. "To have my mom be happy and let me do what she wants me to do, and I’m happy that she is happy!"

There were so many wooden art pieces that were created on Sunday. One young girl created a sign that will display her love for her mom. "I made a wood piece that says "what do you like about mom," and then you have; you clip little note on to it, said Cassandra Sturzenegger. Some of the notes that are going to be placed on the board is, “she gives me good snuggles, and she reads me good books.”