Carbon dioxide leak leads to Red Lobster evacuation

A potential carbon dioxide leak caused the evacuation of the Red Lobster Restaurant in Canal Park at about noon when a CO2 alarm started going off. After approximately four hours, the restaurant reopened after crews worked to resolve the issue.

Staff turned of the CO2 tank, which feeds into the pop and beer lines. Customers and employees were evacuated, and the Duluth Fire Department was called to the scene.

Assistant Chief Denny Edwards advised the restaurant to remain closed until the repair company could come and check the equipment. There are two detectors in the space.

"They had some sort of malfunction in their soda also. So there’s some sort of issue going on, and yeah they’re going to stay closed until they sort it out," Assistant Chief Denny Edwards said.

According to a Tweet from the Duluth Fire Department, the Red Lobster building has been ventilated.

Assistant Chief Edwards said some staff members had some mild symptoms from being exposed to the carbon dioxide, and went for medical care to be evaluated. In a press release from the City, carbon dioxide levels were never immediately dangerous for
human life.

"The staff did the right thing," Assistant Chief Edwards said. "They recognized there was an alarm, they turned off the cylindar and exited the building."

Other tenants of the building were notified of the situation.