Bike Report: Summer Nights at Spirit

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Mountain bikers are getting together for Summer Nights at Spirit. They kicked things off last Thursday, and there will be two more this summer on July 29th and August 12th.

The event is a collaboration between Spirit Mountain, COGGS, Earth Rider, and Ski Hut.

Bobbie Larson is Ski Hut’s events marketing coordinator. She said, "We basically are creating a community event that is open to everybody. We have kids activities, we have a ladies ride, we have a downhill race, we have a clunker toss contest, there’s free beer, there’s food, great weather, and lots of riding."

The ladies ride is led by COGGS Board Member Erin Lindgren. She’s always looking to get more women on the trails.

Erin said, "It’s super fun. You can challenge yourself, it’s great exercise, it’s a fun community thing, it’s just really a fun activity to do outside in our great trail systems."

Participants can enter a prize raffle. All proceeds go to the nonprofit biking group COGGS and their efforts in maintaining our local trails.

"If you really love trails, consider donating or becoming a member, coming to our events," Erin said.

Summer Nights at Spirit is open to established mountain bikers and first timers.

Bobbie said, "There is something for everyone starting at young kids and working your way up to adults. Here, it’s focused on downhill mountain biking, which personally I love, because then I don’t have to work so hard going up the hills."

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening, Summer Nights at Spirit is intended as a new opportunity for mountain bikers to come together simply because they can now.

Bobbie said, "I think that we’re all sort of starving a little bit to be outside and to be social in a safe environment.”

Jon Regenold, Co-director of Resort Services at Spirit Mountain, said, "Now is the time that we unite and we come together. And whether it’s a volunteer night or whether it’s the summer nights at Spirit, or if it’s just getting together to go ride trail, now is the time that we get to come and say, ‘Alright, let’s do this.’"

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