Beyond the Playbook: Superior’s Flessert swims past adversity

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Former competitive high school swimmer in Phillips, Wisconsin, now Superior resident and member of the Nort’landers swim club, 35-year-old Amy Flessert has been in the pool all her life.

After winning the 1500 meter free style in early October’s U.S Masters Swimming, Long Course National Championship. Amy says she has way more than just her techniques to worry about before a meet.

"I competed in 6 events it was a little struggle for me, I am an Asthma sufferer and I also struggle with migraines. As soon as I flew into Cleveland the next morning, the morning of the 1500 and 800, I had a migraines for the first time since may. I felt it every single flip turn during the 1500, so I kind of had to bite my own tongue".

For Amy the drive to battle through her health challenges also comes from external sources, and the memories of current and past loved ones.

"I had also gone through the loss of my grandfather last March, and it was the anniversary of my aunts death and I was reminded of my uncles death as well. I was very proud when I had my cousins and my other aunt and uncle remind me to stay strong, so that definitely helped a lot" exclaimed Flessert.

With family cheering her on, Amy hit the water with hardened determination, but what was her thought process during the race?

"Its a very long race so 15 laps in a 50 meter pool is a pretty long ways. So I was just focused on the next lap ahead and trying to pace myself, I was kind of looking over in the other lane every time I did a flip turn to see where the other person was that was trailing behind me in second place" she said.

Bringing home one gold, three silver, and three bronze medals from the championships at the Spire Institute, she gave this message to athletes dealing with health conditions.

"All it takes is to manage your illness as good as you can, and just proper maintenance and managing yourself. The same goes with my migraines. People think if you have Asthma you cant swim, but I wouldn’t be as healthy as I was if I didn’t swim".