Beyond the Playbook: Proctor running pair prove sports are for everyone

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Through out the year we see everything from championship games, records being broken, and historic postseason runs. However the biggest thing of all, is the realization that sports, are for everyone.

On November second a moment occured that transended sports. Proctor Junior high cross country, special needs athlete, Noah Harnell crossed the finish line in the 2400 meter race. Running the whole way for the first time.

"I love running because my cousin Jack even ran in a marathon," exclaimed Noah

Through out his career, Noah has recieved support from the community and family. Along with St.Scholastica cross country runner and Rails Alumni, Annika Voss. Voss has escorted Noah in all his races the past two years.

"I was kind of in the spot when I was injured and kind of burnt out with running. To be able to practice with Noah, he teaches me more about running than he proabably learns from me, and I get to go home each day with a smile on my face," said Annika Voss.

There has been smiles all around as shehas become more than just a running partner for Noah.

"I have been happy with her, we are together because we are friends," Noah added.

One of the positives of having someone to run with, is also having someone to push you to reach goals you’ve never acomplished before.

"I think the connection was there from the start. Noah is always possitive having a great attitiude, and always ready to run. I love working with him. He really comes up with his own goals and this year he wanted to run every single race and not walk in a race, and he acomplished that," Voss stated.

Noah has accomplished not only his own goals, but has become a shinning example of how sports are for everyone.