Beyond the Playbook: Family ties lead Cherry basketball through generations

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Any team that plays Cherry prepares to face the Asuma’s. Sophomore Isaac Asuma, his eighth grade brother Noah Asuma, and their seventh grade cousin Isaiah Asuma. All of which have been shooting hoops together since they were tots.

“We always knew that we would be playing together like growing up playing in the drive way and stuff like that and having fun. So now it’s super cool to look and see we are playing varsity basketball together, we all are succeeding, and having a really good season,” said Isaac.

The Tigers enter Tuesday with a record of 8-1 thanks in part to Isaac’s team leading 229 points this season. Right behind him though is his brother Noah, with 128 points of his own.

“I know that not a lot of people can have that experience of playing with relatives and I just cherish every moment of it, it’s really important to me,” claimed Noah.

“I really like playing with my cousins because we have been playing with each other from a young age. We really know each other very well, so it’s nice playing with them,” added Isaiah.

Not only do they know each other’s tendencies, their Head Coach Jordan Christianson understands how lucky he is to experience this wave of family superstars at Cherry.

“Isaacs mom player here and is a 1,000 point scorer, Isaiah’s mom played here she is also a 1,000 point scorer. Their grandpa played here, their grandpas brother Bob Asuma, the guy I took over for, was the head coach for 35 years. Plus their uncle Jay played here,” exclaimed Christianson.

Roots planted, and kept in Cherry, makes for no better way to build a house hold name the community can rally around.

“It’s really nice because we got a really good community, they are always cheering for us, no one is ever negative, it’s just nice playing with good players that will always cheer you on,” Isaiah concluded.