Bentleyville adds CCTV security cameras to prevent vandalism

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Every time Bentleyville opens there seems to be major excitement from the region. However there always tends to be a Grinch that tries to ruin the fun.

“Whether it’s breaking windows or it’s smashing in various things, stealing items. It’s not a high dollar damage but it’s a nuisance damage that continues to go on. And with nuisance stuff it sometimes can bring down the whole show by not allowing us to turn on lights if the wrong things are stolen or the wrong things are broken and damaged”, Says Executive Director Nathan Bentley.

Bentleyville experiences setbacks due to vandalism or theft almost every year the attraction opens. So now they are hoping to end that with a partnership with Downtown Computer.

Downtown Computer has lent the attraction CCTV cameras that will increase the surveillance of the grounds to help prevent and stop vandalism.

Owner Nicholas Mancini says, "We have the skills necessary to make these cameras do what they’ve been intended to do. And that again comes down to the alerting, the ability to email and alert when certain criteria, or parameters are crossed."

And Nathan is happy that this will help monitor every nook and cranny even with the dark. He says, “It was a great, great, feeling to know that another company was able to help us out in that way.”

They cameras are being installed just in time for the November 20th opening which will in turn reduce the costs of repairs.