Ashland new police station will be opening in a few weeks

Ashland police officers are finally going to be together under one roof. In the coming weeks, the new police station will be up and running. The department hosted an open house today to show it off. The station used to be in Ashland’s city hall, it was split between the 3rd floor and the basement.

This new buliding with bring the police department and the community closer in many ways. Chief Bill Hagstrom says many times the public didn’t know where to go.

"It’ll be fresh start for both the officers and the community." said Chief Hagstrom. "And here, it’s going to be an easy accessible place for the public. And easier for us to hold events for the public and make them an active part in solving the community problems."

During Friday’s visit, K-9 officer Chase came out to meet everyone. He is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois. Chase is trained in narcotics, handler obedience, agility and tracking. Chase has been with the Ashland Police Department since May 2017. Construction of the new building

With this new building, the Police Department will be able to focus on combating the drugs issues that happen in the city. "This place will make it a lot more efficient to test evidence easier" in one central location, Chief Hagstrom said in a statement. Before, the testing was done in different location within City Hall.