Arrowhead EMS continues to see staffing issues in the region

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First responders gathered at the Arrowhead EMS Conference down at the DECC to learn all the new tricks of the trade.

Adam Shadiow an organizer of the event says, "We use this space to offer our participants the opportunity to meet some of the people who are driving the change in EMS and offering opportunities for response on a broader scale."

And with the opportunity to hear from agencies across the region there are a lot of experiences to hear and a lot more to learn.

Shadiow says, "We hope that people come here and then take their knowledge and bring it back home and leverage that into longer learning throughout the region."

The main topic on the floor however is the current staffing issue EMS is facing.

Ben King from Travel Paramedic says, "We’ve spoken to many people today who are learning the opportunities to get additional staffing to come to their agencies.

Kyle Strege from Allina Health says, "There’s a number of factors. A lot of them have been around for a long time and so it’s starting to become a factor and then burn out is definitely becoming a factor."

The conference continues on until January 23rd. And EMS staff agencies continues discuss ways to the solve problem.

King says, "The arrowhead EMS association does a great job of putting on a conference and connecting first responders across the state and across the country right here in the state."