ALLETE celebrates grand opening of Lake Superior Plaza

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Just down the street from sidewalk days and next to Minnesota Power Headquarters, The Lake Superior Plaza opened. It’s been a long time running

The goal was to create a welcoming, contemporary space for the community to enjoy.

It was designed by LHB and assembled by our local labor contractors.

Sustainability was incorporated into the design as aallete is the largest investor of renewable energy in whole. "I like to say we are small but mighty," says CEO of ALLETE , Bethany Owen. "That’s why we have these solar panels and this wind turbine blades on the plaza. The solar panels feed energy into the headquarters and the plaza. They also signify our rowing commitment to solar energy."

ALLETTE’s goal is to provide 50% renewable energy to their customers. They hope to be carbon free by the year 2050. Minnesota Power is building three new solar facilities in Northern Minnesota this summer.

"Next to our building, we also have a garden that attracts and nourishes pollinators, such as butterflies and bees. In addition, we’ve used energy efficient LED lighting, and the trees, as they grow a little bit, will provide shade and help produce heat on the plaza, really virtually anywhere you look," Owen told the crowd.

Mayor Emily Larson called the space where community and Sutainability meet. "It is the front door of our community. How it looks and how it feels makes a huge difference. And this significant investment of time and vision, of money, of accessibility and of community by elite says that our downtown is worth the investment"

One of the new highlights in the space is the swings. "It’s fun. It’s playful," says Mayor Larson. She thanks Minnesota Power for their investment in the community.