Academy model learning in action: Rock Ridge kids visit businesses

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The crew at St. Germain’s Cabinet are busy cranking out beautifully finished products for our homes, businesses, and schools. Including the new Laurentian Elementary and Rock Ridge High School on the Range.

Rock Ridge students themselves interested in industrial tech spent time watching the machines and crews at work on Thursday. They were visiting as part of the academy model learning.

Cory Stafne, owner of St. Germain’s, explained that he started 30 years ago, and worked his way up to the top. "My passion was woodworking. It’s important to go into a field that you enjoy the work. Attitude and character mean a lot."

He showed them the massive manufacturing area.

Students enjoyed learning the process of design, bid, and then build. They can see themselves in these roles some day. And that’s the goal.

Willie Spelts, School-Work Coordinator for Rock Ridge, said, "Hopefully this will help know spark interest from students, you know, I mean, the kids have been amazed by this. This is an incredible facility. This is exactly what we’re hoping. This is what we want. We want to, you know, inspire our kids to contribute to the workforce."

The group also spent time at the Tongue and Groove Store, which was right next door.

"It’s so nice to be able to see what’s inside of these buildings. No one would know the types of jobs that you could have in a facility like this. It’s just a great experience for kids," Greg Foster added. He’s an Industrial Tech teacher for Rock Ridge.

If you want to show students your business, contact Spelts: