A big weekend ahead for a full capacity Grandma’s Marathon

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Preparations are currently happening for what is expected to be a record-breaking Grandma’s Marathon Weekend.

Grandma’s Marketing and Public Relations Director Zach Schneider says, “This year being back to a full scale weekend is going to feel a lot more like normal."

This year’s marathon is back to full capacity compared to when they had limited capacity in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Schneider says, "Actually when you look at the finisher numbers from last year it was close to a third of the size from a typical Grandma’s Marathon.,"

Back in 2021 there were around 10,000 runners registered across the three races, now in 2022… 21,000 are registered. All willing to spend money on their marathon needs.

Sales Associate from Tortoise and Hare, Andy Stukel, "Anytime from February when the snow melts up until race day, we totally could have wall to wall people in here at any moment."

Tortoise and Hare in West Duluth is one of many companies that rely on the marathon as a major part of their business. Taking part in the expo especially.

Stukel says, "Its our biggest day of the year, [we] call it Shoe Store Super Bowl, there’s just so many people, thousands and thousands of locals and out of towners that need footwear and need accessories."

No more than ever the businesses in the Duluth area are getting ready for the big boom after the two hard years.

Schneider says, "That was felt not just by our organization but throughout the community. Whether it’s in hospitality industry or whether it is even more reaching than that. And so to get back to having this weekend, having the unofficial to Duluth summer, that’s a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.”