2023 property valuations begin, County Assessors conducting field work visits

The St. Louis County Assessors Department says appraisers are beginning field work this week, asking property owners to allow an interior inspection. This is the first time appraisers are doing this since the pandemic began.

State law requires physical inspections be done at least once every five years, as part of the assessment process. This year, St. Louis County says assessors will be visiting properties in the following areas:

  • Much of the western portion of the City of Duluth
  • Solway Township
  • Brevator Township
  • Grand Lake Township
  • Industrial Township
  • City of McKinley
  • White Township
  • New Independence Township
  • Northland Township
  • Cotton Township
  • Ellsburg Township
  • City of Aurora
  • City of Biwabik
  • Biwabik Township
  • City of Gilbert
  • Portions of the City of Hibbing
  • City of Ely
  • Unorganized Townships 56-16, and 57-16.

A map showing the areas to be visited in the next few months for the 2023 valuations can be found online here.

The County says any appraiser visiting a property will be driving a clearly marked county vehicle, and will have county identification on them. They will request permission to see inside homes and buildings, and the property owner may decline. If a resident is not at home at the time, the appraiser will leave a business card telling them they have done an exterior inspection of your property, and provide opportunity for the property owner to request an interior inspection.

Properties not receiving a physical visit this year may still see change in property values based on sale prices of comparable properties in their area. All assessment work in 2022 is used to set estimated market values for 2023, which are then used as a basis for property taxes due in 2024.

The County says these appraisals are done to ensure property data is accurate. Assessors determine a property’s estimated market value and classification. They do not set property tax rates.

To learn more about the assessment process, visit stlouiscountymn.gov/assessor.