2021 concludes as it began; with abundant palindrome dates

"Palindrome" is a term you may have picked up in elementary school in reference to words spelled the same backward as forward such as "racecar." Palindromes can also take the form of numbers. This December is unique in that it begins with nine consecutive palindrome dates.

December 1st through 9th are each five-digit palindrome dates; 12/1/21-12/9/21. December 2nd is particularly unique with 12/02/2021 serving as an eight-digit palindrome. December also includes two six-digit palindromes; 12/11/21 and 12/22/21.

In total, December brings in 11 palindrome dates. Not only does 2021 conclude with a month filled with palindromes, but it began with one. January also brought in 11 palindrome dates with the four-digit 1/2/21 and ten five-digits from 1/20/21 to 1/29/21.

2021 tallies up a grand total of 22 palindrome dates. The last time this happened was in 2011. 22 palindrome dates in a given year can only happen twice a century. The next two will be in 2111 and 2121.