190° Coffee and Tea ready to serve despite the pandemic’s hardships

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A new Lincoln Park coffee shop is now open despite the uncertain times of the pandemic.

The coffee shop, located across the street from Bent Paddle, has all their menu options and exact address located on their website here.

190° Coffee and Tea has instantly become a hit in the craft district. But like most businesses, getting to that opening day was a difficult journey.

Manager Corey Roysdon says, “We had many dates on the books. Before we originally were planning to open sometime in November or early December. And we just kept getting delayed for things that are out of our control."

But the company continued to proceed though those trying times. Roysdon says, “It takes a lot of flexibility. And it takes a lot of looking ahead and planning ahead for those types of things.”

The Duluth community also played a part in the upbringing of 190° Coffee and Tea as local artisans and laborers where contracted in the construction process.

Corey says, “There’s so many people who like to work with their hands and be a part of the community here in Duluth. And so it’s awesome to boast. To just look at something and be like ‘oh this is cool! Oh we made that. Or this person made that and you can get more of their stuff her.’ Like it’s really awesome to share that."