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Stay Off Wet Trails

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Created: June 11, 2020 09:00 PM

So far, our Spring has been very dry with below normal precipitation, and that has allowed many of us to get out on the mountain biking trials. We all know that wet weather and rain will return and that can make mountain biking tricky on the wet trails.

"We all remember as kids playing in the mud and how much fun that was. Unfortunately your bicycle doesn't think it is very much fun," Mick Dodds at Ski Hut said.

Dodds says driving your bike through the mud could damage your bike. "Mud is simple made of tiny tiny rocks. Rocks will destroy your drivetrain."

Now if you still decide to risk damaging your bike to ride on wet trails, be prepared to pay for it later. "We will charge you to clean your bike," Dodds said. "If you bring your bike in and it's muddy, we will charge you to clean it, because we can't fix it if it's filthy."

And if damaging your bike and putting a dent in your wallet is not enough incentive to stay off the wet trails, knowing the damage you can cause to the trail system might convince you to find an alternative route.

"The other thing that riding in the mud does is it creates a rut," Dodds said. "Water follows the rut, creates more erosion, wrecks the trail, and then we need more volunteers to go out to fix that. So it is a constant battle."

The volunteer trail maintenance crews understand just how much work it takes to make those repairs that could have been prevented.

"I used to be one of the guys out at Lester that took care of the trails and we would always take note of where the wet spots were," Dodds said. "Even on the drier days we would flag them, and then we would go back and bit by bit we would make them so that they wouldn't be wet spots anymore."

So when those trials become soggy, Dodds has some suggestions on how you can keep those pedals moving while staying out of the mud. "Some days if the trails are really wet, I will just ride around town and just check out neighborhoods I haven't seen before, ride alleys and things like that just to mix it up a little bit."

He says in the end the key is to follow these simple tips: "Be smart, keep your bike clean, and stay off the muddy trails."

So before you venture out to your favorite trail this season, it is a good idea to check the trail conditions first. You can check the latest conditions at

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