Maintaining Your Bike

Updated: June 19, 2020 09:50 AM

The beautiful summer months in the Northland always create a busy environment in Ski Hut's bike mechanic shop with people wanting to get out and ride, but this year is busy in a different way.


"It's been busier than ever just in the last month I suppose," Ski Hut Bike Mechanic Logan Nelson said. "A little while there we were actually looking at laying everybody off and shutting the doors because there wasn't any business because this pandemic had just started, and then it came out that biking was one of the things you were still able to do, and then it overnight exploded."

And that surplus of mountain bikers wanting to hit the trails has given Nelson and the bike mechanics at Ski Hut plenty of bikes to work on. "Something like two hundred open tickets to work on," Nelson said. "That's two hundred bikes we haven't even touched yet."

But if you want to avoid the two or three week wait time in the shop to get your bike maintained, they are willing to walk you through fixing your bike on your own. "I will sell you the parts and try to talk you through it in 10 minutes and tell you to watch some YouTube videos, and if you absolutely screw it up, bring it in," Nelson said. "You are not any worse off than you were before."

You might be surprised how easy some of those repairs could be to fix yourself. "A lot of people are finding out that they can do basic adjustments at home and that their bike isn't as foreign as they thought it was," Nelson said.

Once your bike is up and running again, Nelson says you will extend the life of your bike if you keep it clean, use chain lube, and store your bike inside if possible. These tips should help you get the more time on the trails this summer, and spend less time in the shop.

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